The Closed Circuit is an intermedial theater performance that technology, including CCTV Cameras and TV monitors are playing their role in this show. The show is somehow in between theater, dance and technology.

The Closed Circuit, is around the notion of identity and its re-presentation. It uses the identity of some very young actors whose recording a tape by the closed circuit cameras of their university for a famous film director. They’re rehearsing their audition for him. While playing this game we see that they are looking for fame, money and success in their career, we watch their dreams: the acting dream. They are playing a game with stealing superstars’ identity, weather locals or international ones, they’re copying them, acting as them. Then the game goes further while they’re moving on to steal each other’s identity. The question remains: Whose identity is more original and what will remain for us after all these?

Performance History:

2017 The Closed Circuit Mostaghel Theater Hall, Tehran, Iran


Written and Directed by Pegah Tabassinejad

Director’s Consultant and Lighting Designer: Ali Tabrizi
Sound Designer and Composer: Saba Alizadeh
Dialogue Coach: Rouzbeh Esfandarmaz
Production Manager: Hasan Joudaki

Directing Team
First Assistant Director: Taha Saraei
Second Assistant Director: Shervin Zarkalam
Script Supervisor: Avid Zolmajd

Arman Hosseini
Masoud Jafari
Ilnaz Shabani
Baset Rezaei
Bahareh Radmand
Hadis jamshidi
Aida Roshdi
Alireza Rasooli
Milad Changi

Graphic Designer: Farhad Fozouni
Photographer: Shahin Saffari
Public Relation: Sara Faraji

Producer: Pegah Tabassinejad
Sponsors: Goldiran (LG – b2b), Navand Advertising Agency