adult’s roomis a four-hour durational piece that does and does not happen on the stage. It explores the gap between the virtual and the real, and investigates the absence within the two worlds. The piece tries to practice absence: absence of actors, composers, designers and production elements such as light or sound. It uses very minimal technical support. This performance is an attempt to study the differences and similarities between theatre performances and reality shows. It explores the space between the performers as well as the space between the audience and the performance.

As the title suggests the spoken text mostly comes from Henrik Ibsen’’s A Doll’s House. Ibsen’s play provided me literary with sentences. I treated his sentences as just sentences, and our dramaturge wrote and rewrote them considering no original logic or intention. The characters are equally important, but they accidentally remained reflective of Ibsen’s characters.

4 hours live durational performance with the form of net-performance.

Performance History:

2011 adult’s room Studio T, SFU Woodwards, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, Vancouver, Canada


Concept and Direction by Pegah Tabassinejad
(Based on Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House)
Golnaz Boroumandi
Mehdi Sadr
Natalie Schneck
David Secunda
Vic Ustare
Sarah Amini
Remy Siu

Dramaturgue: Nazli Akhtari
Media: Sammy Chien
Technical Director: Terence Grigoruk
Stage Manager: Cherry Song
Lighting Advisor: Jonathan Kim