This is a site-specific play about the loneliness of the contemporary human and the meaning of home; it explores the borders we erect around ourselves to feel safe. It is about a child trying to find home in his dreams. The dreams are based on childrens stories such as Hansel and Gretel and games like Hide and Seek. The loneliness of his family life affects his dreams, turning them to nightmares; eventually his reality and his dreams affect each other to the point that the two cannot be separated.

Performance History:

2011 Fake Memories SFU School for the Contemporary Arts, Vancouver, Canada


Written and Directed by: Pegah Tabassinejad

Designer: Parjad Sharifi
Puppet: Neda Kianmehr
Recorded Music : Chris Anderson
Live Music: Pouya Sadeghipour
Costume: Florence Barrett

Stage Manager: Kelsey Peacock

Performed by:
Aryo Khakpour
Minah Lee
Milton Lim
Kaylin Metchie
Natalie Schneck
Katie Van Buskirk DeVries