Migrations brings together two new works by artists Emily Neufeld and Pegah Tabassinejad. Reaching across the globe, from Tehran to Vancouver, Neufeld and Tabassinejad’s collaboration for Migrations, grants the viewer access in a number of interesting ways: access to space, relationships, hidden histories and impressions of distance.

In both their respective practices Neufeld and Tabassinejad share an interest in presence and a blurring of the lines between public and private space. Working through these concerns in drastically different locales, and different media, Migrations reveals both the interior histories of movement and transition embedded in the site of the neighbourhood and the structure of the house, and nods towards the culturally distinct perceptions of purpose and function regarding interior and domestic spaces.

Exhibition History:

2017 Migrations WNDW Gallery, Vancouver, BC


a collaboration on Video Art project by Emily Neufeld and Pegah Tabassinejad